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What is Proper Recovery?

November 2, 2017 Elements of Rest and Recovery 1. Sleep: Sleep is the most important time to recover. Adequate levels of sleep help to provide mental health, hormonal balance, and muscular recovery. You need to get enough sleep, which is between seven to ten hours. Everyone has individual needs based on their lifestyle, workouts, and […]

What is Impact Testing and why is it important to you?

October 5, 2017 What is ImPACT? Top Tier Sports Medicine ImPACT Program OVERVIEW OF IMPACT: ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is the most scientifically validated computerized neurocognitive test used by more than 7,400 high schools and 1,000 colleges and universities to help evaluate and manage suspected concussions. Since 2006, over 7.5 million individuals […]

What is good sleep and how do we get it?

November 29, 2017   When recovering from injury what is one of the most important investments you can make in a 24-hour day? Sleep. Sleep is when our body heals and repairs itself.  During this restorative stage of sleep, blood pressure drops, breathing slows down, blood flow moves to the muscles and tissue is repaired, according to […]

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    I was a patient of Curtis Crook, Clinic Director at Top Tier Sports Medicine in Indialantic FL from February through April, 2019. My physical therapy treatment was for recovery from an Achilles tendon rupture surgical repair performed in spring of 2018. Before coming to Curtis, continuing physical issues with my tendon had delayed PT and inhibited my ability to walk fluidly and without placing harmful stresses on other parts of my body in compensating for the injury and associated weakness. Curtis immediately set out a continually aggressive physical therapy plan for me that was challenging but brought almost immediate physical (and mental) positive results. In the course of two months, I advanced from timidity in performing basic walking and exercise to being able to jog and spring, with near full strength recovered on my affected side. As a life-long and active physical fitness and sports buff, my injury weighed on my ability to do those things that I enjoy and “used to do” and now, through Curtis’s help, I am on the path to regaining what I had before the injury. Curtis’s professional knowledge and patient awareness is top-notch, that’s for certain, but the manner in which he engaged and put me at ease was the added ingredient that made my therapy successful. I am indebted to him and his fine staff for their kindness, enthusiasm and good graces in most effectively executing on their specialty. Curtis stands out as a dedicated professional in the field he loves and in which he performs so well. In his absence now that my PT at Top Tier is completed, I am committed to continuing on and anticipate making a full recovery due to the manner in which he has motivated me. Thank you Curtis!
    Bill Organek
    Physical Therapy Patient
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    I am more than certain that I would not be a runner today without the vast knowledge and therapy from Chris Wicker at Top Tier Sports Medicine. I had all but given up running in August of 2017. Chris and Jeremy Stewart found out that I was at the end of my rope with a hip / hamstring issue and put me on a treatment plan. I was SO amazed. I'd been to various doctors in Brevard, had cortisone, chiropractic care, strength work -- nothing else had worked for me. I am happy to report that I am still a happy and healthy runner as of the writing of this testimonial, October, 2018. Thank you, TTSM!
    Susie Meltzer
    Physical Therapy Patient
  • 5
    "I came to Top Tier Sports Medicine in December 2016 after hearing positive things about Jeremy Stewart's success with helping runner's overcome injuries and issues. I had been dealing with lower back pain for over a year and was at my wit's end in finding a solution that would alleviate the constant hurting and stiffness. In the month and half that Jeremy worked with me, I watched him treat other runners like myself but I also saw that he's excellent in rehabilitating people and athletes from all different sports, like golf, basketball, soccer and baseball. That's one of the things that's so remarkable about Jeremy. He has the ability to zone right in on your issues and formulate a plan that works for you. My back pain was not lifted immediately. In fact, it got a little worse around Christmas. At times I wondered if I was just going through the motions and then it happened...the pain subsided and my back started to feel normal again. It wasn't stiff and I could actually sleep at night without all the aching. Months later, I'm still reaping the benefits of Jeremy's work. I diligently do the exercises he put together for me. Although I miss going in for treatments at Top Tier with it's a fun, easy-going atmosphere and wonderful staff, I am so happy to be back to having a healthy back."
    Brittany Streufert
    Physical Therapy Patient
  • 5
    “My rotator cuff surgery was eight weeks ago and my post-surgery physical therapy had already been prearranged with the surgeon. After seven weeks, my PT sessions came to an end and I found that I still needed additional therapy. I consulted with Jeremy Stewart at TTSM and have been able to extend my physical therapy sessions. I’ve seen more recovery in one week than I thought was possible. I’m very happy to have found TTSM.”
    George Ricardo
    Physical Therapy Patient