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Physical Therapy in Suntree, Melbourne and Indialantic, FL
Our History

Top Tier Sports Medicine was founded by Dr Bruce Thomas and has been in existence for over 5 years. Our clinicians have over 90 years of experience in orthopedics and sports medicine. Top Tier Sports Medicine was created to provide medical care for professional athletes and has expanded to treat all athletes and individuals needing treatment for sports injuries. Top Tier Sports Medicine embodies an ideal way of medical practice where in its purest sense we are able to deliver the highest level of medical care, with no restrictions or constraints providing every service necessary for our patients. In sports with injury 'Time is of the essence’, the services we provide are available anywhere in the world, 365 days a year 24/7.

Our Mission

To provide the highest level of care driven by clinical research and evidence-based practice, to achieve the fastest functional outcome and return to sport for our clients. To make a lasting impression not only on the individual athlete or sport but also to affect those associated with the athlete and those involved in that sport.

Our Vision

To brand Top Tier Sports Medicine as the go to resource for Sports Medicine Care for all professional sports as well as recreational athletes. To expand Top Tier Sports Medicine to include a network of the top specialist in their fields across the country as a resource to all athletes of all levels. These specialist will be able to diagnose, order and perform appropriate diagnostic tests and have patients seen in a time frame that is unimaginable and unattainable by others. Our diversified approach of prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation will assure a positive healthy recovery experience, an improved quality of life, a safe return to full athletic participation and continued athletic success.